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About Irricycle

Irricycle is a Greentech initiative, collectively shaped by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with a reputation in the development of ecological initiatives. Irricycle's team consists of Research and Development experts from the Technion who have developed and led pure water treatment initiatives and credited individuals in the city landscape development arena.

Irricycle has invested several years in the research and development of intelligent, cost effective solutions for the recycling of grey water and the desalination of salt and sea water. The company offers a wide variety of highly adaptable solutions that can be suited to the individual needs of the customer.

Irricycle conforms to all standards defined by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment.
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Irricycle reinforces the customer's planning and installation teams by offering the services of a highly professional support team, knowledgeable in the directives defined by the authorities who approve the installation activation. Irricycle also offers customers the financial expertise to receive vital ROI and IRR statistics.