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logo-nofarNofar Ltd. was established in 1979. Nofar derives its name from the Hebrew word for water lily. Nofar specializes in planning, designing and supplying indoor hydroponic plants and indoor gardens.

Nofar carries out all phases associated with outdoor gardening projects, from the sealing and installation of plant beds and irrigation systems to implementing the actual planting process according to the architectural design of the customer or our staff. Nofar has great experience in all aspects of gardening and has carried out extensive projects for leading Israeli hotels, offices and hi-tech companies. Nofar employs dozens of skilled professionals, operating countrywide and in accordance with a defined organizational structure. The company operates the largest hydroponic nursery in Israel.


logo-ap2uAP2U develops a Central Irrigation Control System for the remote management of complex water systems via the Internet and cellular networks. The company has designed a solution that enables the programming, controlling and modification of watering systems from any home office or cellular off-site location, providing real time response to irrigation failures. The system is composed of a stand-alone field unit that can be operated via local programming and via the Internet . All system components are modular, enabling modification of the system at any given moment.


logo-hyrdoHydroSpin develops a system that is capable of measuring and transmitting data on issues such as water toxicity, salinity and water supply within the pipes from anywhere around the world. The system is capable of independently generating energy by using the natural water flow, enabling it to be a completely stand alone system, with no need for maintenance over long periods of time. The system can transmit data to a central server for processing. The system can be remotely updated and upgraded.


logo-hidro-phonic2The National Hydroponic Center has led to an increase in the growth and marketing of a wide variety of hydroponic vegetation, the development of hydroponic water vegetation elements and the growth and marketing of specialized plants. Based on years of experience, leading professionals in the field have been nurturing and deploying these projects throughout Israel.

The company specializes in interior landscaping projects and their maintenance, as well as the marketing of a unique line of products. The National Hydroponic Center maintains a team of highly skilled professionals that operate throughout the country. The company is committed to delivering a professional, high quality, creative, fast and efficient level of service, offering personal assistance for every customer in order to create an exceptionally beautiful garden.