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Water use in commercial buildings varies according to plumbing fixture types, equipment installed, and the actual function of the building. For example, buildings that have commercial kitchens and cafeterias will have a higher water consumption rate than those that do not. Similarly, buildings with cooling towers will also have higher water consumption rates.

While these systems may consume their share of water, they are not the majority users. This Instead, that honor belongs to restroom plumbing fixtures: lavatories, water closets, urinals, and showers. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates restroom plumbing fixtures account for approximately 60% of the total water use in office and administrative buildings; the remaining 40% is estimated to be used by heating and cooling systems.

The effective gathering of Greywater is extremely important and must include all water sources including cooling towers, rain harvesting, Laundry Industry and green roofs. The treatment of Greywater in commercial building can be carried out with the installation of minimized water treatment systems in the basement of the building.

Greywater recycling requires a high level of biological water treatment, filtration and disinfection. The Irricycle Membrane BioReactors (MBR) offers a technically acclaimed solution for the effective treatment of Greywater. Installation of the MBR in new commercial developments provides an economical solution that offers a short ROI, assuring the building owners and their leaseholders with low cost reclaim water and all the environmental benefits.

Water and effluent costs are increasingly becoming a larger part of the operating cost of professional laundries. Water recycling in the launderette industry provides an efficient way to reduce operational costs, save water and reduce energy bills. This is a positive step being taken towards better environmental management of the launderette operation. Irricycle technology is based on a proven water purification process that offers an ideal solution for the launderette industry, with a long list of successful installations. The filtration and treatment process provides clean, disinfected and pre-heated water to the washing machines. This solution offers complete automation that tracks the systems performance, guaranteeing a high quality of recycled water at all times.


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