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Market Standards & Requirements

The health risks associated with reusing Greywater and sewage water have long been recognized but regulatory guidelines propose a flexible approach of risk assessment and risk management linked to health-based targets that can be established at a level that is realistic under local conditions. The approach is to be backed-up by strict monitoring measures.

Guidelines are built around a health component and an implementation component. Health protection is dependent on both elements.

Health component:
  • Establishes a risk level associated with identified health hazards
  • Defines a level of health protection that is expressed as a health-based target for each risk
  • Identifies health protection measures that, used collectively, can achieve the specified health-based target
Implementation component:
  • Establishes monitoring and system assessment procedures
  • Defines institutional and oversight responsibilities
  • Requires system documentation
  • Requires confirmation by independent surveillance

Irricycle conforms to standards defined by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment.

The installation of Irricycle solutions conform to the issuing procedures of all legally required permits. Irricycle installations stand up to the most rigorous standards assuring high water quality production, monitoring and controlling of all treatment levels and stringent maintenance measures.


PH Cl2 residual
US.EPA (g) 14 for any sample ;0 for 90% samples 1 10 2 6-9 1CT=30
Florida (m) 25 for any sample ; 0 for 75% samples 20 5 1
Texas (m) 75 (m) 5 3
Canada, BC (m) 2.2 median ; 14 any sample 10 5 10
Germany (g) 100 (g) 500 (g) 20(g) 1-2 (m) 30 80-120 (g) 6-9
Japan (m) 1000 for any sample 1000 10 5 6-9
S .Australia <10 <20 <2
EC bathing water 100 (g) 2000 (m) 500 (g) 10000(m) 2(g) 1(m) 80-120 (g) 6-9
UK BSRIA proposed (g) 14 for any sample ; 0 for 90 % samples
Israel (g) 0 median ; 14 for any sample Mean of 10 Daily mean 2 Max 5 6.5-8.5 In connection to consumer 0.5


G = Desirable target (guideline)
M = Binding Value (mandatory)

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